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More about Troop 372

Troop 372, A Founding Girl's Troop

Hi! We are so excited that you decided to check out more of the troop! Troop 372 is an all-girls troop that is led by the scouts, we hope you come to our meetings and check out our enthusiasm and scout spirit!


Troop 372 was founded on February 1, 2019, the first day that troops for girls could exist. We are proud to be a part of the scouting movement of the Boy Scouts of America. We are non-denominational and welcome all girls ages 11 to 18 to Scouting. Scouts do not need any prior experience to join our troop, so whether you were a weebalo or you just want to hop in now you're all welcome here! Our chartered organization, St. James United Methodist Church, and our brother troop, Troop 370 work with us side-by-side to provide a quality scouting program that has five main goals for our girls:

  • To grow in moral strength and character

  • To actively participate in citizenship

  • To develop physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness

  • To be comfortable in the outdoors and appreciate outdoor activities

  • To develop leadership skills

Our troop strives to make your daughter the best person she can be and to give her the fundamental tools to be successful in whatever path she chooses in life. These skills are learned by Scouts working together and doing things themselves. As the parent of a Scout, you can expect to share these rich experiences with your daughter as she becomes more confident and knowledgeable by living the Scout Oath and

Though even with all of that our biggest goal is for every scout to have fun! We strive to make sure that all of our scouts are included and make new friends along the way of their journey with us.

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